BINGO to add a second session beginning Saturday July 15! 

We are excited to announce by adding another session-and only a couple of extra hours to the current work schedule, we will be able to increase that financial support to the programs.  To make BINGO a success we need YOU and your family.  When do we need you?  

The instrumental music program is looking for volunteers to help run Bingo nights in order to raise money. This weekly even alone brings in as much $3,000-$4,000 a month and funds all the band and orchestra activities. Adding a second session is expected to bring in an additional $2,000 a month (at least, but we won't know until the numbers come in). In the past BINGO funds have been used to repair broken Orchestra and Band instruments, and pay for additional Marching instructors. 

No bingo experience?! No problem! It's easy to volunteer. You'll be trained on the register to help charge admission and we'll show you how to call numbers, sell pull tabs, and verify winners. Come join the community and support the Standley Lake Instrumental Music Programs! 

The SLHS Music Boosters hosts bingo on Saturday nights at Bingo Oasis (10657 Melody Dr, Northglenn, CO 80234. Volunteers should arrive at 5:00pm (4:30 from July 15th onward) and plan to stay until 10:00pm (10:30pm from July 15th). Use the sign-up genius to volunteer! 

Have questions? Want to join the bingo email list for volunteer updates?  Reach out to Jill Maertens with questions via SLACK @JillMaertens  or email at

Of course, the easiest way to help raise money to support the students is to just help spread the word! Encourage people you know to come and play Bingo on Saturday Nights at 7:00pm (6:30pm from July 15th) at Bingo Oasis, Northglenn!

Bingo Volunteer Schedule- Summer 2023

Each bingo session requires 8 students and 3 adults to run effectively! Not enough and we can’t provide excellent customer service, too many and we forget to pay attention to customers! 

Why should I volunteer?

What is involved?

Bingo Oasis

10657 Melody Dr, Northglenn, CO 80234