Gator Pride Marching Band

Congrats on an amazing year!  Check out the links below to view photos through the season.  Check back for a full update on competition stats.  Thank you to all of our parent volunteers who help with photos, food, set up, transportation, and so much more.

Slack Channel Guide

We hope you’re on slack but if not, download the app and join us to stay in touch. Communication going forward will happen in Slack. Check out the following channels and join the ones that you may want to support. 

#announcements: Everyone should be in this channel (directors/instructors, students, families). Directors and organizers will post information for the whole group here. It’s a great place to look for general information, but you cannot ask a question here. 

#23-24-mb-families: This is a general channel for families to keep in touch about what is happening. Volunteer opportunities, payment reminders, and updates will be posted here. You can ask questions here! 

#schedules: Crissy and team will post the schedules for show days here. 

#bingo: We need your help! Joining this channel is not a commitment - it’s just a communication platform. Bingo supports the entire instrumental music program so we’re asking students and families to help at least once every 3 months throughout the calendar year. The signup genius and bingo information is posted in this channel. You can also ask any questions about bingo here. 

#florida2024: Anyone interested in going (or are going) on the Florida trip Jan 10-15, 2024

There are quite a few other channels in slack and it may grow as the season progresses. We’ll post in announcements anytime a new channel for families is created and let you know what it’s for. 

**Tip: You can also direct message (DM) individuals or small groups in Slack. **

Ways to Support GPMB

It’s great to have so many people interested in how they can help support the Gator Pride Marching Band. We have quite a few ways you can support:

Bingo: We need your support to keep bingo running! This program can bring $10,000+ a year into the music programs at SLHS but not without your help. Bingo supports the entire instrumental music program so we’re asking students and families to help at least once every 3 months throughout the calendar year. Check out the #bingo channel for more information or DM Debbie Martinez on slack with questions. 

Food volunteers: We can use a few people who have coolers and a table or two to volunteer to bring those to events. At the event we will need help with set up/serve/clean up. A sign up will be created for each event for everything we need for that particular event. We have a rough menu planned for the entire season, but ideas/suggestions are always welcome.

Drivers: It is better to plan for no buses and cross our fingers so for now we are anticipating the need for adult drivers for each show. See the schedule for show dates. We will have to have enough seatbelts for 55+ students, plus transportation for uniforms, shakos, large instruments, tables, coolers, ect. There will be a sign up genius in slack for each show. 

**Note: even if we have buses for students, we will still need a few drivers to take equipment. 

Props: It is undecided if we will have props this year so stay posted! In past years this has been a mix of designing, painting, constructing, and maintaining. 

Show-day support: The marching band will need help getting on and off the field for each performance. We will need 9-12 family volunteers to help push the pit/props. There will be a signup genius in slack for each show. 

Trailer: The trailer needs to be pulled to and from each event. We have a family that is willing to cover most events but it would be great to have a couple back ups. DM Kelly Carey on slack if you are able to help.

Board members: This is not necessarily for marching band - this supports the entire music program but we have vacant seats and could really use your help! DM Melissa Cuevas on slack if you are interested in learning more.